Accounting Services

Bookeeping and Financial Statements Preparation

AKU could help the creation of your financial statements! Management could be able to check the condition of the company in a monthly basis. Management could make a decision making that relates to the financial aspects in a more accurate and timely manner.
The financial statements that is issued consists of:
1. Statements of financial position
2. Statements of profit or loss and other comprehensive income
3. Statements of changes in equity
4. Statements of cash flows and
5. Notes to the financial statements

Retrospective Accounting Services

Have you make financial statements but it is not in acccordance with the Indonesian Accounting Standard which includes PSAK and ISAK? Wants to present the financial statements with the regulated Accounting Standards in Indonesia? Contact AKU!
The financial statements that is issued consists of:
1. Statements of financial position
2. Statements of profit or loss and other comprehensive income
3. Statements of changes in equity
4. Statements of cash flows and
5. Notes to the financial statements

Tax Services

Tax Calculation Monthly or Yearly

AKU could help company to calculate tax with those inline with the regulation from Direktorat Jendral Pajak which happen in Indonesia.

Tax Reporting Services

AKU can help with corporate tax reporting

Tax Planning

Working with AKU's Partner, CV Sukses. Tax Planning which are complicated to be performed at the company. AKU will help company to plan those tax.

Finance Services

Virtual CFO Services

Some Indonesian companies doesn't have CFO. Which makes the decision making process doesn't considering financial perspectives. AKU will help company by considering those aspects.

Companying entity in the Due Diligence process

Due Diligence Process which will be accompanied by AKU Team.

Incorporation in Singapore and Local

Helping Singapore Company Incorporate in Indonesia

AKU in relation with Synergist LLP could help the making the PMA or PT (following the law regulated). Services given could be thorough from Incorporation in Indonesia, virtual office searching, until Bookeeping and Tax Calculation of the respective companies could also be done.

Incorporation of Company from Indonesia to Singapore

AKU in relation with Synergist LLP could help bridging companies in Indonesia to open it's Branch in Singapore. Service given are the same that AKU could give to Singaporean Company that open in Indonesia.

Local Entity Making in Indonesia

AKU could help you in the process of the making of PT or CV or Koperasi or PMA (any form of legal entities), with the safety guaranteed document given to the client.

About Us

PT. Angka Konsultasi Utopia


1. Making Indonesian people "Financially Awaken"


1. To change entity into a more professional and productive. Especially in the Accounting, Tax and Financial Aspect.

2. Helping the creation and establishment of foreign companies in Indonesia.

3. Changing the paradigm of Indonesian that is "Starting Business is Hard"

4. increased the accountability aspect of Indonesian business trough proper and accounting process.

Why AKU ?

1. The expense will be more economical and efficient compared to recruiting permanent employees.

2. Reports that made by AKU is in accordance with Accounting Standard in Indonesia.

3. AKU works in professional and independent, evading the company from anything that related to fraud and internal breaches.

4. The reports given could help company as a basis for decision making. Helping the sustainability and the growth of the company.

Our Experience

Our Partners

CV Sukses

Great Tax team, could help company handled sophisticated tax cases or help company designing Tax planning, which could help company to pay tax in more efficient.

Brenden Legros

Synergist LLP

AKU's Consulting Partner which based in Singapore. Could help any Bilateral Business Relationship that happens between Singapore and Indonesia.

Viondy Yunatan

Notary with a master degree from University of Indonesia. Viondy experienced in the creation of any form of entity.

Brenden Legros


This start-up could help company handled their business online, specifically handling those in relation to the warehousing and logisitics.

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KonsultanKu is the official website of KonsultanKu. KonsultanKu is a tax services platform and online bookkeeping service that focuses on the segment of private and business MSMEs.

Konsultanku Services are carried out by a network of Professional Consultant Partners who have accounting and tax accounting expertise. Our accounting and tax technology system will greatly facilitate business entrepreneurs in carrying out their business.

Konsultanku are committed to maintaining the quality of work in accordance with our commitment to our customers and always maintaining the business confidentiality of our customers.

Konsultanku support tax compliance. Our services help the wider community to understand taxes and report taxes easily and precisely.

The system designed by KonsultanKu in tax of services and bookkeeping services will support SME entrepreneurs to make business decisions optimally.

Finance reports and KonsultanKu are managed by PT. Ekanatha Pearl Asia, a company engaged in technology and marketing. Services to customers are provided independently by our Professional Partners.


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